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WORK TIME: 09:30 - 21:30
FIND US: Sharjah , Dubai
CONTACT: +971 56 1 056 056

About Us

Who We Are?

Smiles Medical Center

In 2004, SMC has started its humble beginning in Sharjah. Sourced by a feasibility study, market research, consumers’ behaviour and market needs surveys, and competitor monitoring, SMC was established and supported by a solid background recognising its target market through a very clear vision.

At present, the staff is comprised of four dentists, three dental assistants and two receptionists, providing general dentistry, periodontics (gum treatment), endodontics (root canal therapy), orthodontics (braces) and cosmetic treatments including porcelain veneers, oral surgeries and implants.

Expect a pleasant, familiar and caring environment, a friendly team and a relaxing atmosphere. Far beyond the typical dental office, we want to exceed your expectations with:

  1. Wide and dynamic living room
  2. High-tech dental equipments
  3. Refreshing beverages
  4. Comfortable pillows
  5. Entertainment showcase

Based on Smiles Medical Center ’s successful track record and its expansion plans, we now expand our local footprint to Dubai. Our attractive name, fame, quality, coverage, credibility, strategy and reasonable fees for dental services are SMC’s differentiation qualities that have encouraged us establish our presence in Dubai and to penetrate its market.


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